8 Interesting Facts About Water and Horses

We all know you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Given the importance of water and the heat across the UK at present, we thought it fitting to lay out the facts for you. Here are 8 fun facts about water and horses:

1. Water is the most important and the most overlooked nutrient in equine diets

2. Horses drink between 25 and 50 litres of water a day. In the heat that’s been sweeping the UK recently, it’s likely to be closer to 50 than 25.

3. Even more water needs to be consumed in temperatures below 0 – this is because fresh grass is lacking and the air becomes very dry, increasing the water requirement

4. Water intake in horses consuming a diet of only hay can be double that of those consuming a diet with less or minimal hay

Horses drinking water

5. Horses need to consume 3 x as much water as they do food

6. Water is crucial is ensuring the normal and optimal functioning of the gut as it assists in moving consumed food through the digestive tract

7. Drinking cold water after exercise (or at anytime) does not cause colic

8. Horses have been shown to have a preference for water that is 10 degrees Celsius


Given that water is essential, we recommend soaking your horse's feed. This will help to increase their water intake and lower the ris of dehydration at any time of the year. Water added to any of our herbal blends produces a flavourful 'tea' that horses absolutely love. 

 Enjoy the heat!!

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