Our sponsored rider Ben Thomas-Cook has been feeding EquiNutritive for well over a year and has found a great combination to help his varied herd of horses. Here is his write up on which of our products he uses and the benefits they provide. 

"Our horses are on a high protein and fibre diet and the EquiNutritive range really compliments this as well as strengthens our horse's abilities. Dennis is a young show jumping stallion by Ahorn who has just moved up to Foxhunter level and competing successfully with hope for HOYS this year. Rama is an old show jumping gelding who only started show jumping at the age of 17 (he is now 20) and competes successfully up to 1.10. Dotty is a show jumping mare at the peak of her career who we are aiming for HOYS this year. We feed all these horses Alpha GOLD and this has benefited all these horses in many ways starting from; suppleness, agility, shine to their coat, well being and maintaining their health.

Dotty is on the Moody Madam blend and her behaviour has improved 110% - Dotty is usually quite mareish and struggles to settle in new environments but since starting this blend she now has the same behaviour at home and away from home, the Equinutritive range is such a god send. We occasionally get edgy horses in, break horses in and bring horses in to work after significant time off and we use the No More Nerve blend on this type of horse, this blend just takes the edge off these type of horses and makes day to day life so much easier!

We have noticed a huge difference in our 3 main show jumpers, they come out of their stables on 3 day shows so much looser, minimising stiffness witch is essential for jumping away from home without turnout."

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