Luke Campbell has been sponsored by EquiNutritive for over a year. His horses are thriving on our products and their performances at Grand Prix level are testament to Luke's talent. 

Luke Campbell

Here's what Luke has to say about our products and how he's using them on his top horses. 

"At Applemount we have such a diverse team of horses with each one having different nutritional needs. Because EquiNutritive have such a wide range of supplements available that gives us lots of options to get exactly the right supplements tailored specifically for an individual horse. Our young horses starting off their career and in training will mostly be using the "No More Nerves" blend. We find that with such inexperience there is a lack of concentration and this blend just settles them and keeps their mind on the job, making our work a lot easier.

As for our older Grand Prix horsesthe best is without a doubt Alpha Gold - we believe this is the best joint supplement on the market. The difference to each horse is incredible. One of our grand prix horses Premier Sport is currently on Alpha Gold and Summer Blend. We believe after a long weeks training and jumping, our horses need to feel revitalised and loose and this combination of supplements gives the horse exactly that whilst not firing him up!

Our other grand prix horse Trebra Douglas is on Alpha Gold and No More Nerves blend. As a stallion we find he can get excitable on show days and the Nerves blend just keeps the concentration levels high but takes the sharpness off him, whilst the liquid gold keeps his gut and joints on tip top condition. Our favourite EquiNutritive product is definitely Alpha Gold, from when we started using it our horses have looked and felt better than ever thanks to the great combination of turmeric, aloe vera and oils!"

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