Lymph Assist - 100% Natural Lymphatic Support Supplement For Horses


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Does your horse need specific lymphatic support? Do you want give your horses lymphatic system TLC so it stays in top condition? 

Giving your horse Lymph Assist, our 100% natural seven herb blend for the lymphatic system, nourishes the horse’s immune system and general health. 

Lymph Assist works by providing support to the immune system, the lymphatic system and the circulatory systems. By taking a three-pronged approach to all of the parts of the body involved in lymphatic health, the lymph system is maintained and supported for optimal health and functioning. 

 Lymph Assist: the all-natural Lymphatic Carer  

 From as little as £0.97 per day with Subscribe & Save on our 1.5Kg box 


This product comes with a cardboard scoop enclosed. For a hardier, long-term scoop, you can purchase a plastic scoop here


A 100% Natural, 7 herb blend to keep the lymphatic system in tip-top condition, and provide support for horses prone to lymphangitis

WHY BUY 'Lymph Assist'?

Long term support

The lymph system can be challenged by many things, including bacteria, lack of exercise, being out in bad weather, and a weak immune system.

Lymph Assist is formulated to nurture and support your horse’s immune and lymphatic systems, enabling them to maintain well-being of the legs.

Supports & Maintains

The individual herbs in Lymph Assist are the perfect combination to support your horse's entire lymphatic system.

When fed regularly, Lymph Assist provides support for the immune system, nourishes the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems, provides essential vitamins and minerals, and maintains vein and blood vessel health.

Keeping your horse mobile

Ensuring lymphatic and circulating health allows our horses to stay mobile and active. This in turn helps to maintain the lymphatic system and keep their legs healthy.

The more mobile your horse is, the better condition their legs will stay in. 

Feeding Lymph Assist helps to maintain normal, healthy lymphatic functioning and ensures your horse can stay on the move, whether it is competing, hacking or enjoying time out in the field.  

All-natural goodness

Lymph Assist contains 100% natural, dried herbs straight from the field. No chemicals, no additives, just pure natural goodness in a box.

Our formulation of seven, 100% Natural, dried herbs for horses needing lymphatic support has been expertly crafted by our equine scientist. Each herb carefully selected for its specific health benefits.

Every box lovingly packed by hand so no nasties from the field slip through into the box. 100% natural goodness from the ground, not the lab.

Our Customers Love Lymph aSSIST !