Moody Madam - 100% Natural Hormone Supplement for Mares In Season

 She’s not herself when she’s in season.  She’s anti-social. And you’re getting the “Mare Stare”!   

Give her Moody Madam for a sweeter-natured and friendlier mare.  

Moody Madam is a mix of seven, 100% natural, dried herbs. Each herb specifically chosen and expertly combined to rebalance her hormones, gently relax her muscles, and keep her gut working well  

You'll have a more content, comfortable, and settled mare you can enjoy spending time with.

From as little as 99 per day with the 3kg subscribe and save option

Moody Madam EQUINE hormone SUPPLEMENT

A 100% Natural 7 Herb Combination for a Sweeter-Natured and Friendlier
In-Season Mare

WHY BUY 'moody madam'?


Our calmer works on the endocrine, nervous and gastrointestinal systems, so that your horse is soothed, settled, and focused. You will have a more manageable and content horse both on the ground and in the saddle.


Each herb is selected by our equine scientist for its specific health benefits. Our blend gently relaxes muscles and minimises muscle spasms, relieves discomfort and digestive upset, regulates the gut bacteria, and is high in essential vitamins and minerals.


No More Nerves contains nothing but pure dried herbs from the field. There are no hidden nasties or added chemicals. Just 100% natural goodness for your piece of mind (and we hand pack to make doubly sure!).


The natural cleansing effect of Aloe Vera ensures the horse's digestive system stays healthy and functional while also encouraging the growth of strong healthy hooves and improving post-exercise recovery.

Quadruple Action

This blend gently relaxes her muscles and minimises muscle spasms.

It rebalances and recalibrates hormones throughout the endocrine system.

It regulates her gut function.

And is high in naturally occuring vitamins and minerals to support her immune system.


There are NO synthetic chemicals in Moody Madam.

Manufactured synthetic hormones suppress oestrus and disrupt your mare's cycle. 

Products containing it have to be handled with gloves!! And it has nasty side effects such as worsening behaviour, and reproductive issues for humans and brood mares exposed to it

All-natural GOODNESS

Moody Madam contains nothing but pure, 100% natural, dried herbs straight from the field.

Each herb carefully selected by our equine scientist for its specific health benefits.

And every box is carefully packed by hand to make sure no nasties from the field accidently slip through into the box.

Compost Heap

We’ll refund your money no questions asked if you don’t see an improvement within 1 month of using Moody Madam at the recommended daily feeding rate.

No need to return the product, just put the box and whatever herbs are left on your compost heap!

Our Customers Love moody madam!

she's just so chilled out and so nice!

It’s made an unbelievable difference for my mare.
Even with grooming when she’s in season she’s so sensitive that instead of being enjoyable,
it’s annoying for her, being tacked up is uncomfortable.
But now, even when she’s in season, she’s just so chilled out and she’s so nice

Rachel M, UK