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Golden Oldies

Having a 15 year old who has been there and done that he was starting to look a bit jaded. I'd tried various products but didn't get the look I wanted, then I tried Golden Oldies blend (this is his second lot) and wow he has a bloom on his coat, drinking better and no smelly urine, and the physio is really pleased with his condition. His tail has grown back and he's not rubbing. Being Welsh X Clydesdale he's quite strong so the no more nerves blend seems to be taking out the spookiness and his energy now goes into work rather than out through the side door. He's not rug wrecking anymore. If it's not the products that's working there must be a good fairy in his field...

- Golden Oldies and No More Nerves

My horse has changed loads since being on Golden Oldies Blend. Try to use no chemicals and great all natural.

- Sonya Waters