Clivers is an often under-rated and underappreciated herb. It is often known as goose grass or scratch weed and is widely considered to be a pesky herb that crops up all over the countryside.

Despite the negative associations that people have with clivers, its benefits for equine well-being are many and varied. First and foremost, clivers is a detoxifying herb, making it excellent as a way to support recovery from illness. Its cleansing and tonic nature also makes it a good pick to support horses who struggle with swollen or puffy legs and joints.

Clivers is a valuable herb for supporting the lymphatic system and can help to clear up swollen lymph glands and cleanse the lymphatic system as a whole. In addition it can be fed to help in addressing problems of the urinary system. 

Furthermore, Clivers supports the optimal functioning of the endocrine system and boosts the condition of the hooves, particularly if their strength and growth are compromised. The benefits of clivers can be boosted further by the addition of marigold as these two herbs work beautifully together to produce powerful benefits.

Clivers is such a versatile herb that it is suitable for feeding year round. You should feed 0.5 - 1 ounce per day of the dried herb. It is very palatable and can be added straight onto the daily feed. 

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