We’re constantly inundated with so many questions about our leading product Alpha GOLD. For those with doubts, questions or queries, we’ve decided to clear it all up by answering the most common questions we get. Satisfy your insatiable need to know all below!

1. How much to feed? This depends on your horse or pony and varies substantially. Maintenance rate is 1 fl. oz per day but some will need up to 4 fl oz. per day. Over half of our customers are feeding the maintenance rate daily. When you purchase AlphaGOLD for the first time, the guidelines on the back of the bottle will make it very easy for you to determine how much to feed. If you want to know before making your purchase, simply email us and we’ll be happy to assist.

 2. Is it suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and those with EMS or gastric ulcers? Yes, perfectly suitable with no hidden sugars, fillers or anything that will cause a metabolic flare up. Better yet, we’ve added aloe vera to the product to help soothe and settle any gut related pain and discomfort and to help your horse’s gut thrive.

 3. Does my horse have to be hopping lame to benefit? Absolutely not. Alpha GOLD can be fed to assist with existing problems or as a measure to stop joint wear and tear in its tracks. Feeding Alpha GOLD to a fit, healthy and active horse will ensure they can stay that way as long as possible.

4. My horse is a fussy eater and I’m worried they won’t eat it  - Alpha GOLD is very palatable. We have added no flavourings but they lap it up gladly. We're not particularly fond of the taste ourselves, but the four leggeds love it. Although some turn their nose up at first, we’re yet to hear of a case of a horse (or a dog) refusing to consume this product (even the fussiest ones around).

5. Do we provide samples? In short, no. We’re a small company and still relatively new. Basically, providing samples isn't feasible at this stage. With your continued support, we hope to be able to offer samples one day :)

6. Where can I buy it? Currently, Alpha GOLD is only available online. You can buy directly from us, on Amazon (where it's a little more expensive) or through Juliet Getty here.

7. What is the curcumin level of the turmeric? 3.5% minimum

8. Is it just for joints? Nope! Alpha GOLD, because of its ingredients, is excellent for many other areas of horse health. Skin and coat and boosted by the aloe vera and coconut oil, gut health is supported with the aloe vera, flaxseed oil provides well balanced omega fatty acids, coconut oil is great for a metabolic reset and turmeric of course, works its magic on the joints.

9. Is it only for older horses? Definitely not, Alpha GOLD will benefit all horses and ponies, whether they're 5 and in intense work, a 10 year old happy hacker or an arthritic 25 year old.

10. What about pepper? Why haven’t you added it to this product? This is a complex one – for all the info, check out our blog post all about it here.

 Have another question that we haven't answered here? Send us an email and we'll be happy to help you! :) 

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