Rosehip would have to be one of my favourite herbs for feeding to horses. It’s teeming with goodness, very palatable and the difference you notice in a horse is usually significant and comes about fairly quickly.

The best benefits of Rosehip that make it perfect for adding to the equine diet are:

  • Rich in vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3, C and K
  • High in bioflavinoids (anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory) carotenoids and tannins
  • High in calcium, phosphorous, silica, magnesium and copper


This brilliant combination of benefits helps with a whole range of problems such as inflammation in the gut, allergies, a weakened immune system and damaged tissue. Even better, the vitamin C present in Rosehip will help to prevent illness and compromises to the immune system as well as promote healthy hoof growth.

Rosehip comes in powder form, as actual dried flower or in granulated form. Any of the above are suitable for consumption by horses and they are generally happy to consume Rosehip as its mild, fragrant flavour isn’t at all offensive.

If there’s a way for you to incorporate Rosehip into your horses diet, we recommend doing so, so that you can both enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Have you supplemented your horse’s diet with Rosehip? If so, share your experience by commenting below –  we’d love to hear your story:)

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