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Alpha GOLD

We have a 17 year old show hunter who has qualified for RIHS in 4 classes and he was a bit dull in his coat and his legs were filling. Since having the Equi-Liquid GOLD his coat has improved and there is no filling in his legs. His overall condition and vitality seem to have improved too…will definitely be keeping our boy on this.

- H. Hume

I had been using powdered turmeric, which I found very messy! I also used micronised linseed to counteract the omega 3/6 imbalance and to get a shine on his coat, which is difficult as he is grey! He is also on a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. When I saw your product (Equi-Liquid GOLD), which contains both turmeric and linseed as well as coconut, I thought I would give it a try. It is early days, but seems to be working. He is moving more freely and has a sheen on his coat.

- J. Roy

Equi-Liquid GOLD is vital in the maintenance and well being of our competition animals. Not only can we see a difference in the look of our horses since using the product, we can feel a difference. They are more comfortable through our exercise programs and are thus achieving higher goals. I highly recommend Equi-Liquid GOLD to anyone looking a happier and competitive horse.

- Luke Campbell, Showjumper - Applemount Sport Horses.

I have started to use equi liquid gold with all my horses out on the Spanish Sunshinetour and noticed a difference, they started to much looser and their coats started to improve to, this was only after a couple of weeks 

- Rob Maguire, International Showjumper

We tried this amazing supplement on a 19-year-old semi-retired full TB 3-star horse.  Dingo is still in full work and evented at lower levels until last year.  This year he is going to do some dressage and show jumping to hopefully keep him still feeling young.  Dingo is now a bit arthritic and also has problems with one stifle so seemed an ideal candidate to try on the Equi-Liquid-GOLD.  We added the recommended amount for arthritic horses to Dingo’s feed and it took about 10 days to start to see a real improvement.  I have been amazed at the results, Dingo seems much more free in his movement and doesn’t shuffle out of the stable in the mornings like an old horse like he used to.  We have also seen a great improvement in his coat and a general improvement in his wellbeing.  We will definitely purchase this supplement again for him and I would recommend it to anyone else.

- Samantha Birch, International 4* Eventer

I have tried Equi Liquid Gold on one of my grand prix horses and I'm very impressed with the results not only does she feel great when I'm riding her but she also looks great and has a beautiful coat -  I can't wait to try it on my other horses

- Cameron Hanley, International Showjumper

I have used Equi-liquid gold on Last three Minutes an Ex racehorse and was really impressed with the results we noticed a difference in his work he felt much more free and supple and he seems to be moving through his shoulders much better. His coat has become lovely and shiny and he looks really well in himself. I wouldn't hesitate to use this product and would love to try it on another couple of horses

- Lisa Smith, Lisa Smith Eventing

Really pleased with this product for my youngster who was diagnosed with arthritis in front fetlock aged 4. Noticed a difference after a month of use. His walk is now more balanced and he is sounder than he has been since he was backed.

- Jane Mann

I have put my 21 year old Arab in this (Alpha GOLD) a month ago and I can't believe the difference. He is so much better he is like an 8 year old again. Might have to take him off it to slow him down a bit!

- Miki Waddington

Amazing product. Since being on this (Alpha GOLD) my 23yr old arthritic horse has gone from needing a bute a day to keep him happy to none at all :)

- Jill - Happy Customer

Fantastic product. Highly recommend x

- Sarah Calogero

Been using this and have had no clicking in her back joint since. 

- Sam Irons

I have been using this on a yearling who had a little fence injury and it really helped the healing, he is great. I have been using it on my 9yr old warm blood x QH who does endurance, he is a big lad and I wanted him on a joint supplement while competing. We have just finished first bottle, he has had two rides, last weekend a 34km ride. He is moving great and coat is lovely, he had a little filing in hock from an injury when younger, I think a kick, and it's much less than before. Great product ordered the two litre bottle now!

- Emma Lang

Mare has been on this for about six weeks , really think there's a spring in her step !! 

- Sue Harvey

.. it is AMAZING!!!! My horse is marching in and out each day and full of mischief! Thrilled to bits with it. Would like to know if I can use it??? 

- Alison Stevenson

Fab stuff !!!! 

- Tina Edstrand

I have been using this nearly two weeks and I believe it has made a noticeable difference already.

- Paula Rudd

Had my 12yr old tb x on this for a month and just ordered another bigger bottle as it's been amazing for her. 

- Georgina Boost

I only started my donkey on the liquid on friday been a huge improvement . 

- Karen Rust

Have to say I've been feeding for just over a week and my old cob took off at a flat out gallop about 5 minutes after I had been telling my friend how slow he was and she said he's old let him do it his way and don't push him! Ha! Ha! Might be a coincidence! Who knows?!! 

- Christine Handy

I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks and the difference in my arthritic 20 year old Irish tb is amazing...I'll be using this again for sure. Well worth the money .

- Nikki Burton

I have started using this for my Daughters pony who has recently had hock injections with steroids this has made a real difference 

- Tania Aston

Started my 30 year old tb x on this 1 week he cantered out, first canter i have seen in a long, long time!! 

- Gemma Smith

I've just started feeding this to my 20year old retired arthritic mare & also my 8year old gelding just to keep him happy. Although it's only been a few days my mare has been jogging in from the field much to the surprise of her brother who is usually the one acting up haha  - Lindsay Kane

Has made all the difference with our cob. So much more forward (for him!) and willing 

- Sarah Jayne

My 26 year old TB has been on this a week now and it's like he's had a new lease of life! He's skipping out of his stable in the morning and marching to the field as opposed to shuffling out and tripping - definitely recommend for an oldie but goody!! 

- Sarah Dale

Recommend this product. My 20 yr old mare been on it 3 weeks joints clicking less movment improved just received my second order 

- Angela Robinson

Totally recommend this - I've had my 18 year old cob on it for 10 days and this morning couldn't believe my eyes at him galloping around the field with the other boys! Must order more!! 

- Kay Allan

Best stuff ever!!!!

- Hannah Mitchell

UFO is fantastic with his joints on this! 

- Beverley Thompson

I put our 23yr old ex racehorse on it (Alpha Gold) this summer and she is moving like a 2yr old! - S. Grierson

- S. Grierson - Happy Customer

That’s my 25 yr old arthritic mare been on this for two weeks now (Alpha Gold). She’s been consistently sound (as much as she can be!) for the first time in a few months and her condition is picking up too. She’s wolfing her feed, which she wasn’t massively keen on last year - L. Beckett

- L. Beckett - Happy Customer

My boy is 16 and in December 2016 he had an operation after tearing his deep flexor tendon. Was told he may never event again. He has been on this everyday for 2 years and this weekend we are competing in our first hunter trail x I swear this along with TopSpec balancer is the reason why!!!! 
I was at the end of my tether and I truly believe it’s amazing stuff  - H. Revell
- H. Revell - Happy Customer

I am always sceptical about supplements but have to admit after using this for 1 month I have noticed a big difference in my gelding. He has mild arthritis and also suspensary problems so had been advised only to be used for happy hacking, which he unfortunately hates, but now he is moving great and much more freely so is about to return to some light schooling. And this is after just 4 weeks use. I can only imagine it will inprove again with more use. Oh and my boy loves the taste!  - A. Trainor

- A. Trainor - Happy Customer

This stuff works! (Alpha Gold) Horse gone from 4/10 lame to 1/10 after 3 weeks on this and no other treatment . Horse is clearly more comfortable and happier. I’ll be buying more ! - L. Walker

- L. Walker - Happy Customer

I actually can't believe I haven't got this sooner. On my second bottle and can see a huge difference. My friend commented how much better he felt under saddle the passed couple weeks. - J. Clark

- J. Clark - Happy Customer