Benefits of a Bit & Mouth Balm For Your Horse

Benefits of a Bit & Mouth Balm For Your Horse

Why should I use bit and mouth balm?

Horses can be prone to dry and cracked lips all year round, whether it be from colder weather conditions in the winter or as a result of sunburn in the warmer summer months. Not only are dried and cracked lips unsightly looking but they can cause a great deal of discomfort for your horse’s very sensitive skin. We’ve all experienced chapped lips, so we know how uncomfortable this can be. Using a moisturising bit balm is a great way to combat any of these scenarios. Our Bit Butters are a multi purpose balm that can be safely applied to any bit material or it can also be applied directly to your horse’s lips and mouth area. This will help to restore and soothe dry, cracked, calloused and pinched lips.

How to I get my horse to accept bit and mouth balm?

If you find your horse is fussy when accepting the bit, bit butter can be applied to the surface in order to encourage bit acceptance. This technique is often used during the breaking in process when introducing the bit to the horse's mouth for the first time. This can help to create a positive experience for young horses. Older horses who display difficult behaviour in relation to bitting can also benefit from this approach, turning a once negative experience into one associated with pleasure.

A horse with a hard mouth is more likely to evade the contact and become resistant when being ridden, resulting in an unpleasant experience for both horse and rider. Flavoured Bit Butters can help encourage licking and chewing of the bit. It also encourages saliva production, contributing to the development of a soft mouth. A horse with a soft mouth becomes a lot more trainable and is more likely to respond to rider cues, accept a contact and work in a correct frame, subsequently improving their overall way of going. As horses can only produce saliva when relaxed, the presence of foam at the mouth when riding is a great indicator of a happy and focused horse.


Where do I get bit and mouth balm?

Alongside a wide range of equine supplements we also stock bit butters. Equinutritive Butter Me Up bit and mouth balms contain all natural ingredients and are produced fresh to order on our premises. Our specially blended formula is light and non-sticky and is available to purchase in two different sizes - 100ml and 250ml. These nourishing butters contain soothing shea butter, beeswax, essential oils and vitamin E which creates a protective natural barrier to help the skin retain moisture, and contains naturally occurring antioxidant properties, with no added nasties to ensure they are suitable for every horse. As well as this they are available to purchase in two delicious flavours every horse is sure to love; peppermint and orange!


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