Pony Points

Earn points when you spend. Redeem for money off your future purchases!

  • 500 Pony Points

  • 1000 Pony Points

  • 2000 Pony Points

  • 5000 Pony Points

How To Earn POny points

Shop Online

Earn 5 Pony Points Every £1 Spent

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Celebrate Your Birthday

500 Pony Points

Like us on facebook

150 Pony Points

Follow us on instagram

300 Pony Points

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500 Pony Points

We have more ways to earn Pony Points coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

How to spend your pony points

Step 1: Open The Pony points portal

Click on the Help tab on the menu bar to open the Pony Points Rewards portal.

Step 2: Create An Account or Sign in

If you have already placed an order, ensure you create an account using the same email address you placed your order with so that the points you have already earned will sync with your account.

Step 3: Ways to redeem

Click on ways to redeem in the Pony Points Rewards portal.

Step 4: Redeem your points

Click on Redeem to receive your discount code and redeem it at checkout.