Breathe-Rite Respiratory Supplement for Horses – 100% Natural


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Do you want to keep your horse's lungs clear and healthy, especially when pollen levels are high or they're stabled a lot?

Does your horse's respiratory system need extra support to keep them performing at their best?

Do you want to maintain your horse's airways in the best condition? 

Our all natural supplement is the equine respiratory support you're looking for.   Breathe-Rite maintains the health of the respiratory system, keeps airways clear and supports the immune system to for strong, healthy lungs. 

Breathe-Rite supports the natural defences of your horse's respiratory system and soothes the airways for healthy, optimal lung function; allowing your horse to perform at and feel its best. 

Giving them Breathe-Rite Respiratory Supplement for Horses ensures you’ll enjoy quality time with your horse from the moment you get to the stable and, if you compete, you’ll get optimal performance from the moment you tack up.

Breathe-Rite is a blend of seven, 100% natural, dried herbs for horses needing respiratory support. 


This product comes with a cardboard scoop enclosed. For a hardier, long-term scoop, you can purchase a plastic scoop here

Breathe-Rite – The All-Natural Airway Support

A Blend of 7 Dried Herbs for a Clear-Breathing, Happier Horse.

WHY BUY 'Breathe-rite'?


This blend supports healthy respiratory functioning. High mucilage content in the ingredients naturally coats and soothes the throat.

It maintains the strength and function of the airways.

It keeps the airways open so breathing is always easy.

It is high in vitamins and minerals that keep the respiratory tract functioning properly.

And, like all our products, it promotes healthy gut function and supports digestion so your horse gains the full benefits of the herbs.


Many equine respiratory supplements contain high levels of sugar (either added or from honey).

This unnecessary sugar load leads to excessive energy, makes them difficult to manage, can cause diabetes and laminitis.

Breathe-Rite is completely sugar-free.

It won’t compromise your horse’s metabolic system, cause disruptive blood sugar spikes or put them at risk for conditions such as laminitis.

And it can be safely fed to horses with (or prone to) laminitis or metabolic illness.


Respiratory issues are very common in horses.

Horses can be challenged by environmental conditions such as pollen levels, dust and fungal spores in the stables, and mixing with other horses. Breathe Rite allows your horse's natural defences against those factors to work at optimal levels so that they stay healthy and well, no matter the conditions.

Breathe-Rite is the all-in-one respiratory supplement for horses.

It maintains strong, healthy airways; supports good respiration, AND provides the vitamins and minerals your horse needs to maintain good respiratory condition.


Breathe-Rite contains 100% natural, dried herbs straight from the field.

No chemicals, no additives, just pure natural goodness in a box.

Our formuulation of seven, 100% Natural, dried herbs for horses with respiratory problems has been expertely crafted by our equine scientist. 

Each herb carefully selected for its specific health benefits.

Every box lovingly packed by hand so no nasties from the field slip through into the box.

100% natural goodness from the ground, not the lab.

Our Customers Love Breathe-Rite!