• Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement
  • Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement
  • Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement
  • Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement
  • Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement

Revive ’n’ Shine Horse Skin & Coat Supplement

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Does your horse have dry or itchy skin? Or maybe not just looking at their best?  

Revive ’n’ Shine is a 100% natural herbal blend formulated to soothe and comfort itching skin. Designed to get your horse “itch free, and nice to see”. 

Dry and itching skin can cause your horse to rub, leading to bald patches. When that happens, your horse becomes agitated and uncomfortable, and they look unwell and unlovedWorse, if not addressed, it can lead to further problems with rugging and habitual scratching.  

Revive ’n’ Shine supports and maintains healthy skin and coat condition throughout the year. Giving it to your horse regularly promotes a glossy coat with richer colours and clearer dappling and supports growth of a thicker mane.  

Your horse will look and feel better and give you a warm feeling every time you see them. You’ll be able to groom them properly (with less risk of being kicked than when they’re itchy) 

Revive ’n’ Shine also contains garlic to keep flies away. So, there’s less head shaking when riding, and less swishing and rubbing when not!  

Revive ’n’ Shine Equine Skin and Coat Supplement – For “Itch free, and nice to see” horses. 

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Rosehip, Garlic, Clivers, Dandelion, Celery Seeds, Nettle. 


This product comes with a cardboard scoop enclosed. For a hardier, long-term scoop, you can purchase a plastic scoop here

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Natural Skin & Coat Supplement

Backed by Science

Zero Nasties

Feeding Information

Instructions for use: just sprinkle on top of your horse's feed daily. Every box comes with it's own handy measuring scoop for the perfect amount every time. Daily feeding rates - pony 15-30g per day, horse is 30-50g per day. A starter pack lasts 3 weeks, 1.5 KG box lasts one horse 50 days and one pony 100 days at maintenance feeding rate. 4.5 KG box lasts one horse 5 months and one pony 10 months at maintenance feeding rate. Revive 'N' Shine is not suitable for a mare in foal. Revive 'N' Shine is suitable to be fed to horses with or prone to laminitis, cushings, EMS and ulcers.


Revive 'N' Shine contains 7 dried herbs, expertly combined to support a healthy skin and coat. The ingredients in Revive 'N' Shine are: Rosehip, Nettle, Marshmallow Root, Garlic, Dandelion, Celery Seeds and Clivers. That's it! No fillers, no nasties, just 100% pure herbal goodness.



Many skin supplements include oils. However, high fat content may lead to excess energy and weight gain. That's why Revive 'N' Shine is oil free.

No added sugar

Other skin products have added molasses which can lead to problems, such as laminitis, metabolic issues and excess energy. That's why Revive 'N' Shine has no added sugar.

No Mess, Save TIMe

Topical skin solutions are messy and take time to apply. Many have ingredients you'd never feed to your horse but they could ingest from licking the cream. Revive 'N' Shine is quick and easy to feed with no mess or risk to your horse.


"My lad has such a shiny coat and no dry itchy mane or dock anymore either."


Revive 'n' Shine is made up of marshmallow root, rosehip, garlic, clivers, dandelion, celery seeds and nettle. 

You should see results within 3 weeks of feeding Revive 'N' Shine.

Yes we do one day taste samples to check for palatability issues. These can be purchased for £2.50. Please note however, to notice any difference you would need to purchase a starter pack which includes a 21 day supply.

1.5kg box will last 1 and a half months at Maintenance rate.

Do NOT feed Revive 'n' Shine  to pregnant mares. Apart from that, it’s good for every other horse!