Golden Oldies – 100% Natural Supplement For Older Horses


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Is your horse looking old, or feeling their age?

Roll back the years with Golden Oldies - Our remarkably rejuvenating, 100% natural herbal supplement for senior and veteran horses and ponies. Giving it daily helps your horse enjoy a happier, longer life.

From the age of 15, horses need extra support to maintain healthy mobility (so they can graze comfortably), liver function, dental strength, a shiny coat and healthy skin. Golden Oldies is that support that they need. 

The six-herb blend of Golden Oldies is all natural support for older horses. It provides metabolic care to support and maintain health and condition. It supports their liver and supplements their diet with essential nutrients. It nourishes and maintains their joints. And it improves their skin and coat condition.

Give your ageing horse Golden Oldies to give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your horse for longer.


Golden Oldies: The Remarkably Rejuvenating Supplement for Senior Horses



This product comes with a cardboard scoop enclosed. For a hardier, long-term scoop, you can purchase a plastic scoop here

Golden Oldies: The Remarkably Rejuvenating Supplement for Older Horses

A Blend of 6 Dried Herbs to Roll Back the Years for a More Comfortable and Youthful Horse.

WHY BUY 'Golden Oldies'?


Good health starts from the inside out. Which is why this six-herb blend provides care and support for your horse’s metabolic and liver function.

Golden Oldies maintains a healthy metabolism to support their ability to break down their food and provides the nutrients they need for optimal health.

In addition, Golden Oldies helps maintain the health of the liver well into old-age.


Within a couple of weeks, you’ll notice an almost magical change in your horse. You’ll be amazed at how Golden Oldies is revitalising your old friend.

Their coat will take on a glossy shine, and there’ll be less shedding and rubbing. One owner even reported his horse’s tail growing back!

A natural joint supplement for older horses, it will support them to move more freely and maintain higher energy levels.


Your horse is drifting into old age. And, like us, that comes with some expected challenges.

No-one likes to see an old friend be challenged. You get an 'awhhh' feeling - you want to help them and make them comfortable.

Which is exactly what Golden Oldies does. It helps ease the ageing process. It maintains their quality of life and makes life more comfortable.

You get peace of mind from doing the right thing by your old friend. And get to spend more quality time to together.


Golden Oldies contains 100% natural, dried herbs straight from the field. No chemicals, no additives, just pure natural goodness in a box.

Each herb carefully selected by our equine scientist for its specific health benefits to slow the ageing process.

Every box lovingly packed by hand so no nasties from the field slip through into the box.

A Natural Remedy for Older Horses - Health from the Ground, not the Lab!

Our Customers Love GOLDEN OLDIES!