Moody Madam - Hormone Supplement for Mares In Season - 100% Natural


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She’s not herself when she’s in season.  She’s anti-social. And you’re getting the “Mare Stare”!   

Give her Moody Madam, our hormone supplement for Mares In Season, and you'll have sweeter-natured and friendlier mare.  

Our 100% natural mare supplement is a carefully cultivated mix of seven dried herbs. Each herb specifically chosen and expertly combined to maintain hormone balance and support your mare through her season.    

With Moody Madam, you'll have a content, comfortable, and settled mare you can enjoy spending time with.  

End the Mare Stare with Moody Madam!

From as little as 99p per day with the 3kg subscribe and save option.



This product comes with a cardboard scoop enclosed. For a hardier, long-term scoop, you can purchase a plastic scoop here

Moody Madam Hormone Supplement for Mares

A 100% Natural Hormone Supplement for Horses.  7 Herbs combined for a Sweeter-Natured and Friendlier
In-Season Mare


Balancing & Supporting

This blend maintains a healthy hormone balance and supports mares during their cycling months. 

It supports healthy endocrine function and the gastrointestinal system.

And is high in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support her immune system.

Chemical Free & Environmentally Friendly

There are NO synthetic chemicals in Moody Madam. Our hormone supplement is 100% natural.

All our products are environmentally friendly. The cardboard box is easy to recycle and just pop the bio-degradable bag straight into your black bin and it will completely break down in the landfill within six months.

Being kind to the planet is just as important to us as being kind to our animals! 

All-natural GOODNESS

Moody Madam contains nothing but pure, 100% natural, dried herbs straight from the field.

Each herb is carefully selected by our equine scientist for its specific health benefits.

Every box of our equine hormone supplement is carefully hand-packed.  No nasties from the field slip through into the box.

Compost Heap

We’ll refund your money no questions asked if you don’t see results within 1 month of using Moody Madam at the recommended daily feeding rate.

No need to return the product, just put the box and whatever herbs are left on your compost heap!

What other mare hormone supplement can offer that?!

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