Plant Power - Harnessing Nature to Support Horse Health

Plant Power - Harnessing Nature to Support Horse Health

Why plants?

Here at Equinutritive, the power of plants underpins everything that our brand stands for. We hold a firm belief that plants can unlock untold health benefits and our products are made from ingredients that have the science to back up that belief! 🌱

100% natural products

All our products are formulated using 100% natural, plant ingredients. We look for the very best ingredients to assist with a particular issue and consider how they work in conjunction together, so that we can ensure our products are the very best in terms of efficacy and your horse receives the maximum benefits.

We’re committed to getting the most out of plants and doing the best for horses. Our herbal product range supports equine health and helps horses live their best life without giving them anything artificial - no fillers, no nasties, no junk. Just pure plant goodness 💚

The added benefit of this is that whatever your horse's specific dietary needs, our products are more than likely ok for them! Our products are vegan, contain no added sugar and can be combined with other feeds without issue. All of our products are also suitable for horses that have or are prone to ulcers, laminitis, cushings and other metabolic issues. It’s that easy.

We’ve harnessed the power of plants to create products that will keep your horse in the best health possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your horse is getting the very best and means they can enjoy their feed and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.


Why are Plants Good for Health?

For thousands of years humans have been harnessing the power of plants to cure ailments and prevent disease and decline, with great success. We’ve also been taking care of our animals with the power of plants throughout history. And why stop now?

Modern science has developed so many extraordinary potions, pills, cures, treatments and tools for keeping our animals healthy. And we’re so grateful for that! There is a time and place for modern veterinary medicine, of course. However, sometimes those things come with potent side effects and downsides. Something intended to help one part of the body, has a detrimental effect on another. Or, the thing your beloved horse needs, just doesn’t sit well with them.

However, we want our horses to get the maximum benefits they can from all natural sources. There is so often a plant based solution that can provide some relief or support. And of course, plants make an excellent tonic and health aid to maintain health.

Plants have so much to offer, and being 100% natural, they are safer, healthier and yummier than many synthetic alternatives. Equinutritive exists to bring your horse those benefits, for a happy, healthy  life. 🐴

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