Product Spotlight - Revive ’N’ Shine

Product Spotlight - Revive ’N’ Shine

Susan & Socks' Story 


Welcome to the Equinutritive product spotlight series. This is a brand new initiative allowing us to showcase case studies of how customers have found our products by asking them a series of short questions. These answers are honest feedback, all straight from our customers who wanted to share their feedback to help others when making a purchase. Our main goal is to help horses become their happiest and healthiest selves and these reviews are from customers that have achieved just that.

This interview is with Susan and her lovely horse Socks who have been using Equinutritive products for over 6 months now. 


  1. What did you want to address when you started using this product?


My horse has always suffered with some dry scaly skin, especially in his mane and on his dock. Unfortunately, he is allergic to many of the go-to externally applied horse products. I eventually found a human beard moisturiser that helped but he hated it being rubbed into his tail and it left his hair sticky and looking greasy until it soaked in, even then dirt would stick to it and wouldn't brush out. This meant it was very noticeable as he has both black and white sections of hair. 

 Then last year it suddenly got worse, he was itchy all over and was tearing his hair out rubbing against anything and everything; to the point he was crushing metal rug rails against the wall and bending field gates! He was already wearing a fly suit so initially we thought intestinal or neck thread worms so dosed accordingly, but there was no improvement. He'd never been itchy all over and it wasn't practical to try and cover his whole body in beard moisturiser! I had to find an alternative, something that would treat his whole system.


  1. What prompted you to buy our product in particular?


I was already using Breathe-Rite with amazing results and, after spending a considerable amount of time looking up herbs etc to help with skin and coat problems, I realised they were all in your new Revive’n' Shine product so I emailed to check that I could feed this with his Breathe-Rite (they had one particular herb in both mixes) and ordered my first box (Summer 2021).


  1. What results have you experienced since feeding the product?


I had high hopes and expectations after using Breathe-Rite, so it had a hard act to follow. When it arrived the mix looked mouth-wateringly tasty and I couldn't wait to try it, especially once I'd opened the bag as the smell was amazing!  I gave my horse a handful dry just to check he would like it, well he nearly mugged me to get to the whole box!

I make a warm bran mash to soak his herbs in as he doesn't have hard feed and within a few days of feeding it at the initial dose I noticed an improvement in the ferocity of his scratching and rubbing. I was expecting it to take longer to have an effect, but it just goes to show it was the perfect combination for his skin. Within 5 days the itching stopped. So, after years of mild dry skin and over 6 months of major problems, Revive’n' Shine had done what nothing else had achieved. The added bonus was that I didn't have to stop the Breathe-Rite and he absolutely loved the mix, in fact I'm sure he didn't stop to chew he loved it that much!

By the time he'd been on it a few weeks all the dry, flaky skin had gone, replaced with soft skin, his hair was softer and he got his shine back. I thought I couldn't be more impressed, but I was wrong.  Usually in winter his wooly mammoth coat lacks the lustre of his summer coat, yet this winter it is gleaming and so soft and silky, I am truly amazed!


  1. How have you found your overall experience with Equinutritive?


I cannot fault the Equinutritive team or their products. They have been so helpful and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly.   They "know their stuff" and I've found their mixes so effective and "they do exactly what they say on the tin”.

I have never stopped using the Breathe-Rite and have no intention of stopping the Revive’n' Shine product now I have found it. In my opinion the Equinutritive products are second to none and they will always be my first port of call if they have a solution to any problems my horse has.


  1. Would you recommend this product to others?


I would definitely recommended, and have regularly recommended, their products to other horse owners.


Before & After of Socks’ Transformation


Susan kindly sent in these images which have been taken 5 months apart. 

 Image of Socks before using Revive 'N' Shine

Image 1 (May 2021) he wasn't on Revive 'N' Shine, you can see the browning, dullness and coarseness of his coat (and herb mash on his face).

 Image of Socks After Using Revive 'N' Shine

Image 2 (Sept 2021) on Revive 'N' Shine a few months, shiny coat, no more bleaching out, softer mane and tail.


Thank you so much to Susan and her lovely horse Socks for this wonderful feedback. You can shop Revive ’N’ Shine right here on our website. 

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