Cameron Hanley - International Showjumper

I have tried Alpha GOLD on one of my grand prix horses and I'm very impressed with the
results not only does she feel great when I'm riding her but she also looks great and has a
beautiful coat - I can't wait to try it on my other horses.

L. Beckett - Happy Customer

That’s my 25 yr old arthritic mare been on this for two weeks now (Alpha Gold). She’s been consistently sound
(as much as she can be!) for the first time in a few months and her condition is picking up too.
She’s wolfing her feed, which she wasn’t massively keen on last year.

Rob Maguire - International Showjumper

I have started to use Alpha GOLD with all my horses out on the Spanish Sunshine tour and noticed
a difference, they started to much looser and their coats started to improve to, this was
only after a couple of weeks.

J. Clark - Happy Customer

I actually can't believe I haven't got this sooner. On my second bottle and can see a huge difference. 
My friend commented how much better he felt under saddle the passed couple weeks.