• Equinutritive Alpha Gold Equine Joint Supplement Bottle Pump
  • Equinutritive Alpha Gold Equine Joint Supplement Bottle Pump

Equinutritive Alpha Gold Equine Joint Supplement Bottle Pump

This bottle pump enables you to dispense 30ml of Alpha Gold and fits according to the size of the Alpha Gold bottle. If purchased alongside a bottle of Alpha Gold, the pump will be modified to suit the bottle ordered. 

Alpha Gold is a 100% natural joint supplement for horses containing Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Linseed Oil to support and maintain your horses joints. Using this natural supplement improves their way of going and puts a spring back in their step, allowing you to enjoy riding, working and even competing!

Available Bottle Sizes:

  • 1L
  • 2.5L
  • 5L

See Alpha Gold - 100% Natural Supplement For Horses Needing Joint Support for more information.


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Fast Facts

You should start to see a difference in your horse within 2 weeks of feeding Alpha Gold at the recommended daily feeding rate.

Alpha Gold is suitable and safe for horses with or prone to laminitis, EMS, cushings or other metabolic disturbances.

Alpha Gold is not suitable to feed to mares in foal.


Alpha Gold is 100% natural.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Moisture: 60% Oil: 12% Fibre: <1% Ash: 3.2% Protein <1%.

COMPOSITION: Aloe Vera, Water, Tumeric, Coconut Oil, Emulsifier, Linseed Oil, Sodium Chloride, Preservative, Stabiliser.

Feeding Instructions

Instructions for use: Just pour on top of your horse's daily.

Feed 30-120 mls per day as required.

30mls supplies 4.5g of turmeric.

Daily feeding rates:

Pony maintenance 15 mls

Horse maintenance 30 mls

1 litre lasts one horse 30 days and one pony 60 days at maintenance feeding rate.

2.5 litre lasts one horse 3 months and one pony six months.

5 litre bottle lasts one horse 5 months and one pony 10 months.

Why it's the best

Alpha Gold leans on the powerful benefit of turmeric, used of thousands of years, to maintain joint health in both people and animals. Alpha Gold is a glucosamine free horse joint supplement. Many joint supplements contain glucosamine, but ours doesn't. Glucosamine is sourced from shellfish (not suitable for herbivores!) or produced in a lab (all our products are from the ground!) and the verdict is still out on it's effectiveness. Alpha Gold uses high quality ingredients, backed by science and loved by thousands.

Equinutritive Alpha Gold Equine Joint Supplement Bottle Pump

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    "Horse has had Alpha Gold for 3yr+ now. Great product certainly helped his joints. Highly recommend."