Feeding Supplements in Summer

Feeding Supplements in Summer

The Importance of Feeding Supplements Throughout Summer

Many horse owners believe that feeding supplements is only important during the colder Winter months, however feeding supplements is equally important during the Summer months, if not more so. Temperatures are warmer, horses are out in the field more, they’re exercising more, pollen levels are heightened and flies are out in abundance. And these are just a few of the Summer challenges horse owners face.

To help manage these challenges, supplements are critical to support and maintain a healthy, happy horse throughout Summer. Here's why you should consider feeding your horse supplements during the summer months.


1. Allergy Support for Increased Pollen

Summer often brings higher levels of pollen, which can trigger allergies in horses. Symptoms may include coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, and itchy skin, all of which can affect your horse's comfort and performance.

Solution: Feeding a supplement can help support & maintain healthy breathing throughout the Summer months, keeping their airways clear and healthy and keeping the impact of pollen at bay.  Try Breathe-Rite for a 100% natural option.


2. Seasoning Mares

Anyone who has experienced the ‘mare stare’ will understand the challenges of a seasoning mare. This is heightened during the months of March to October, therefore should be considered as part of your Summer supplementation routine.

Solution: A calmer is formulated to regulate the stress response, so a calmer isn’t the solution for a seasoning mare. If you have a mare and you see the behaviour issues around her cycle then it’s likely they have a hormonal imbalance. Using a product such as Moody Madam will help support a healthy and comfortable cycle, stabilising moods and reactions.


3. Joint Support

Increased activity during the Summer can put additional strain on your horse's joints. Whether it's more frequent riding, training for competitions, or simply more time spent out in the field, the joints endure a lot of stress.

Solution: A joint supplement will provide support for the joints, ensuring your horse remains comfortable and sound. Alpha Gold is a 100% natural solution to support your horse’s joints all year round.


4. Gastrointestinal Health

Changes in routine, increased travel for events, and variations in pasture quality (hello, Spring grass) can all impact your horse's digestive health during the Summer. A healthy gut is essential for nutrient absorption and overall health.

Solution: Probiotic and prebiotic supplements can support a balanced gut microbiome, aiding in digestion and supporting healthy stools. These supplements help your horse adapt to dietary changes and reduce stress-related digestive disturbances. B-Complete is a 100% natural prebiotic which can support your horse’s gut all year round.


5. Energy and Stamina

Summer activities often demand more from your horse and can in turn cause anxious, spooky or reactive behaviour. Whether it's longer trail rides, more intensive training sessions, or competitions and travel.

Solution: Using a calmer throughout the Summer will help to mitigate the stress your horse is experiencing. A calmer should be fed all year round, and for the reasons listed above the Summer months can be even more stressful. A 100% natural calmer, such as No More Nerves, can support your horse all year, with the peace of mind that it’s full of natural goodness and zero fillers to cause any upset on their body.


6. Skin and Coat Condition

Exposure to the sun, dust, and insects can take a toll on your horse's skin and coat. Maintaining a healthy, shiny coat and preventing skin irritations are important aspects of summer horse care.

Solution: A skin and coat supplement, such as Revive ’N’ Shine, will nourish your horse from the inside out, without the need for messy creams and lotions. Give your horse’s coat a healthy summer glow!


7. Dry, Cracked Mouth

The warmer Summer weather, particularly if there’s more sunshine, can dry out your horse’s mouth and nose area, which can cause cracked, painful areas . In addition to this, as our horse’s are ridden more, they are using their bit more - which in turn can amplify these issues, resulting in poor bit acceptance.

Solution: A bit and mouth balm can help to nourish the mouth area. It helps to replenish moisture and restore feeling in dry areas of the horse's mouth. This will also encourage acceptance and improves focus on the bit, helping to avoid rubs and helps heal where skin is already broken. Try a 100% natural solution such as Butter Me Up.



Feeding your horse supplements during the Summer months is a proactive approach to maintaining their health and performance. From ensuring proper joint support, skin & coat health, and digestive well-being, supplements can address the unique challenges posed by the season. By incorporating the right supplements into your horse's diet, you can help them thrive and enjoy the Summer to the fullest.




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